Versatile Words

A unique focus on content.

Versatile Words is a well-established copywriting and content strategy practice, owned by writer/editor Gregor Gilliom. Their product is business stories and marketing messages, so this website was designed specifically to focus on the text. The design goal was to create a mature, magazine-like experience that would appeal to high-end corporate clients. On this site, copy is king.

We worked closely with Gregor and designer Neil Wengerd of Nonfiction to bring this vision to life. The site features unique ways to summarize big ideas, then reveal additional information if the reader wants more depth.

Each page is designed slightly different to best serve that section’s needs, from writer bios to case studies to long-form blog articles. The result is a highly customized and unique platform for sharing the company’s work and thoughts.

Photographs of Gregor Gilliom by Ray LaVoie Photography.